How to … get publicity

Getting publicity is never easy but we can help …  perhaps you want to gain money for a charity or raise awareness for a good cause?

Get publicity and make the headlines.
Gaining headlines is our job at National Story


Many people imagine they must have to spend a lot of time – and money – in order to gain good publicity. They might spend hours briefing an expensive PR agency or sending out press releases. But here at National Story because we have such extensive media contacts, we are able to gain you national and even worldwide publicity for free.

If you are looking to gain publicity for a charity or good cause, the first thing to do is to contact National Story. We can discuss with you what you hope to achieve – be it publicity in a newspaper, magazine or on national television.

You do not need to send a complicated press release. A few sentences describing the story and the charity – perhaps with a link to the charity website – is all that’s required on our contact form.

We usually suggest real life stories are a good way of placing a news story in the national press. It might be that you or someone you know has a personal story to tell that would be suitable for national press coverage. If so, see if they would be happy to help promote your cause. Don’t be afraid to ask – they can only say no!

The benefit of going through National Story is your story can be sold with the condition that papers or magazines give your charity either within the copy or at the bottom of the story. You will also be reassured that you or your interviewee is in the safest hands. This is because at National Story we always write stories ourselves. Then stories are always read back to the interviewee (and the charity if necessary) to ensure copy is accurate in facts and tone. Futhermore – and what can be as important for the person telling their story – we can arrange a payment for them.


Firstly, before approaching a local newspaper it is always wise to speak to National Story first and ensure your story is definitely not suitable for national press publication. This is because these days local newspapers will often syndicate a story. This means if you or your interviewee speak to a local newspaper and pose or provide photos to them, they will often sell your story on. Sometimes stories are sold by local paper journalists to national newspapers – even appearing all over the world. While at National Story we always require your written consent before even approaching an editor, legally the fact you have spoken to a journalist on a local newspaper and posed for photos means they can sell it without asking your permission.
If you are seeking publicity, this can seem a dream come true – at first – but you will not gain any payment and you will lose all control over your story.
Of course, many stories will unfortunately not be suitable for a national newspaper or magazine – but it pays to check first before you go ahead.

To find out more about how to get publicity, contact us.