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Payment for Stories – How Much Money?

Payment for StoriesWe send your story to all the newspapers and magazines to get you the very best price. We hold regular story ‘auctions’ where a number of publications are asked to put in their highest bid. This is why we guarantee that if you sell your story to a magazine or newspaper through National Story you won’t earn less than £200 – and you will know you have got the best deal.

In practice, payments are often much more than £200. Whilst the average payment for a feature in a magazine or newspaper is between £200 to £500, fees can go up much more.

If many magazines or newspapers are interested in buying your story you may earn even more money –  between £1000 and £2000 for selling your story. Many people also manage to make between £1500 and £2000 by selling their story in multiple deals to a newspaper, and a magazine.

You might also appear on TV, which will also pay for your TV appearance.  If your story is particularly sought after and likely to make front page news in a national UK newspaper, your payment could soar up to as much as £10,000 or even more. These are high value stories and need expert management and in these cases you will be referred to our media and publicity agent.

Earning more money for your Story

National Story will always try to sell your story to as many publications as possible to maximise your payments. Your story can be sold for cash to multiple magazines, newspapers and even abroad. Syndicating stories in this way is a specialist business but is something we deal in every day.

How much is your story worth? Find out how much money you can earn through selling your story to the press by contacting us for a free appraisal: How much money is my story worth?