Story to sell? Your options explained…

If you have a story to sell, you then have to decide whether you sell it to a newspaper, magazine or TV … but do you have a choice?

Sell your story to a magazine
Story to sell? You might just want to sell your story to a certain magazine…

Naturally some people who contact us at National Story have very definite ideas about where their story goes to. Some people may choose to sell their story one paper over another newspaper, others have a favourite magazine and then other interviewees are keen on the idea of appearing on TV.

If you have a story to sell, choosing which publication to place your story with might well be something you are concerned about. Here we answer all your questions…

Can I tell you which magazine or newspaper I want to sell my story to?

Yes, it helps us to market your story properly if you tell us which publication you prefer – and any newspapers and magazines that you don’t like. But unfortunately we sometimes find that the paper or magazine you like doesn’t want your story. Or, it might be our experience that the publication you adore is unlikely to print your story.

Why would my favourite newspaper or magazine not want to print my story?

Firstly, even if your favourite magazine or newspaper does want to print your story, it might not be the one that in our experience would pay you the most money – in fact some publications have a policy that they won’t pay interviewees.
Newspapers and magazines often also have very particular criteria to fulfil. One example is you might be too young or too old for a particular magazine. Some magazines cater for the younger or older market.
We are also choosy about where we send stories – we want interviewees to have a good experience – and we might recommend one publication over another simply because in our experience it is more pleasant to deal with. You can see our hightly recommended newspapers, magazines and TV clients here: recommended clients.

What if I really don’t like the newspaper or magazine that wants to buy my story?

Then we never force you to go ahead.  You do not have to sell your story to that particular publication. We recommend that before you accept a deal we find you, you buy a copy of the publication that has made you an offer. You should also look at the publication on the internet to ensure you are happy to go ahead. The only issue might be that sometimes, despite sending a story to many publications, only one does make an offer. If you are then not happy for your story to be sold to that publication, and that is the only offer we have received, you might not sell your story.

Which pay the best – magazines or newspapers or TV?

The answer is it depends on your story. National newspapers do have the highest budgets – but it must be a story they really want. Otherwise interviewees might find they earn more money going to a magazine. Although a story can follow into a newspaper and magazine after being featured on TV, in general many real life stories on TV have been in print first.

What about selling my story in multiple deals?

By far the best way to gain the most publicity and highest fee is a combination of selling your story to newspapers, magazines and TV. As you are paid every time we sell your story, this can greatly increase your total fee. We work out an individual media strategy for every story that comes through National Story. The strategy is devised by listening to what you – what you, the individual who is selling the story, hopes to achieve, and by marketing your story to publications and TV Production companies we feel will most want your story.

To find out more about our Individual Media Strategy, contact us here: Selling my story