Selling Your Story FAQs

Information on Selling a Story – Your Questions

Why choose National Story?

We have been selling stories to magazines and newspapers for over 20 years. Our journalists are fully qualified so you couldn’t be in safer hands or find a more experienced agency to sell your story. We also abide by the professional PCC Code of Practice.

Can my story be printed without my permission?

No, we always ask for your written permission before your story is printed.

Will I see my story before it goes into print?

We will read your story back to you to before publication to make sure you are
happy with it, giving you the chance to change anything before it appears in
the magazine or newspaper.

Can my story appear in both a magazine and newspaper?

Yes, often this is possible and means you can double your money.

Can I be anonymous?

Occasionally you may earn money for an anonymous tip off. Otherwise, photos
are always used.

How will I be paid?

A cheque will be sent to you either directly from National Story, the magazine
or newspaper within four to six weeks of the feature appearing.

Do you put everything in writing?

Yes, we put everything – your payment and where your feature will be
printed – in writing for you. You will also be sent a detailed National Story
booklet about selling your story to the press.

Do I pay you any money?

No, we are paid separately by the publication for writing the story. So our
service to you is free! However, for very high value stories a percentage fee
of your earnings may be arranged.