How to Sell your Story

SELLING YOUR STORY… what happens.

It’s easy to sell your story via Simply ….

  • how to sell a storyFill in the Sell my Story form with your details.
  • If your story is suitable to sell to a newspaper, magazine or TV we will contact you.
  • We will have an initial confidential chat.
  • We will give you a rough quote about how much money your story is worth.
  • We will send a synopsis of your story to editors to get you the best deal.
  • We place your story and put all the details in writing.
  • You have a chat on the phone with one of our team of National Story journalists.
  • Your photo may be taken by the magazine or newspaper.  We may ask you to send one in of yourself or we may arrange our own photographer to take pictures of you.
  • That’s it! Your story is printed and you are paid within four to six weeks of the feature appearing.


Multiple Publication of Your Story

For your convenience, if your story is to appear in several publications you will only be interviewed once. Your story will then be rewritten for each magazine or newspaper it is sold to. It couldn’t be easier!