Why you should choose an ethical press agency to sell your story

At National Story we believe in ethical journalism. Here we explain why it is so important to choose an ethical press agency to sell your story.

Sell your story through an ethical agency
NationalStory abides by a strict Code of Ethics
  • Firstly we are qualified journalists who’ve studied journalism law and have years of experience behind us. And with so many years of experience selling stories to the press, we are quick to foresee any pitfalls or difficulties that might affect selling your story.
  • We work closely with you to sell your story. We match you with a magazine, newspaper or TV show that you will feel comfortable with and best fits your needs – whether they are financial or simply to gain the best publicity or both.
  • We believe in being transparent. So everything is always put in writing to you before you go ahead with an interview. This includes a brief overview of your story, the publication your story will appear in and the price. Most important, it also includes our commitment to you – for example, we need your consent before selling your story again and we usually ensure interviewees are paid within seven days of publication.
  • Your story will always be read back for your approval. This ensures you are always in control of your story and know exactly how your story will be written.
  • We respect your wishes.If you don’t want your story to appear in a certain magazine or newspaper we will endeavour to find a publication you are happy with. Ultimately if you decide not to go ahead, we respect that decision and won’t contact you again.
  • We do not involve ourselves in any underhand practicesto get a story into print. During our years of selling stories to the press, we know it is possible to expose wrongs and gain justice for interviewees without resorting to any sort of subterfuge.
  • We abide by the Editor’s Code of Practice and you can view it here: Press Complaints Commission.Mostly, however, we are friendly and approachable and we always put YOU first.

    To see if you have a story to sell, please contact us here: Story Enquiry.