Whistleblower Stories

Name and Shame Stories

Selling a story to the press, in the public interest… and selling a Whistleblower story…

Do you want to talk to the press about a company or organisation you believe is acting wrongly? Perhaps you want to sell your story to name and shame an organisation, which has acted improperly or expose corruption?

Good examples where stories have been sold to the press in this way include:

  • The MP’s expenses scandal. Here, a whistleblower tipped off the press that MPs were charging expenses they shouldn’t be.
  • TV scams. For example, a TV programme runs a competition and the public votes are not processed properly.
  • Stories where recycled waste hasn’t been simply sent to the dump rather than being processed as the public believe it was.
  • A government body or official who is employing people they shouldn’t be.


Often the person can sell a story to the press and remain anonymous. As journalists we have a duty of care under our legal editorial codes to protect our sources.

We will also:

  • Never pass your contact details or identity to a third party, such as a newspaper, unless you agree. And in many cases you will be able to sell your story and remain completely anonymous.
  • Advise you on the law and whether you can be paid – there are laws where it is illegal to pay whistleblowers for their stories. We can tell you if these laws apply to you.
  • Advise you how to blow the whistle without people you know ever finding out it was you.
  • Not contact you again – if, after speaking with us confidentially – you decide not to go ahead with selling your story.


OR you might want to sell a story to the media to name and shame abusiness or individual. Good examples include:

  • Poor doctors – for example you’ve been the victim of cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong or medical negligence.
  • You are the victim of a love rat or domestic violence.
  • A longed for holiday has turned into a nightmare.
  • You are the victim of a scam or con.

If you contact press agency National Story we can tell you straightaway if your name and shame story can be sold to a newspaper, magazine or even TV and how much for.

To find out more email us in strictest confidence here: info@nationalstory.co.uk