Press Agent – Publicity and worldwide media coverage

Press agent and publicist to give you advice about selling your story… National Story has teamed up with a specialist media agent .

Press agent and publicist will sell your storyYou may need specialist advice if you find yourself in the middle of a scrum for your story. For example, perhaps you have been involved in a high-profile court case.

Press and Media Agent

If journalists are camping on your doorstep or you are receiving offers of money from the media, you may need an experienced publicist. A press agent can co-ordinate your deals and handle all the enquiries for you.

Our dedicated publicist will work closely with you to ensure your story is told accurately.  We will also ensure you are paid the best price for your story. This is because National Story doesn’t just sell your story. We are with you every step of the way.

Your own Personal Publicist

You will only ever talk to one person – your press agent at National Story.  Your personal press agent will write your story for you. National Story will also arrange for photos to be taken in house by our own photographer, offering a total package to the world’s media.

You may also need a press agent if you are a PR professional with a story to sell. Our publicist can also give you advice about launching a press campaign. Our publicist has excellent contacts throughout the media industry. This means your story can be sold fast, sometimes in minutes.

A press agent will also discuss thoroughly with you the needs of your client.  The agent will be able to help you co-ordinate maximum coverage in as many publications as possible. Again, photos can be done by our own photographer giving your client a press package that works.