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There is a large market for women’s stories. Many national newspapers have dedicated women’s features pages and there are dozens of magazines specialising in everything from celebrity stories to real-life tales.

Womens stories illustrationThe Women’s real life magazine Story Market

The women’s market is very varied and extremely competitive with magazines vying against one another to produce the best stories.

However, although to an outsider, they may seem similar, each magazine has a different target market – for example, some magazines are aimed at certain age-groups, mums with children or older women.

Our Experience in magazine Stories

The media agents at National Story have had over 20 years of experience in the women’s stories market place and will be able to tell you which women’s magazine your story will be most suitable for. Sometimes it is even possible to sell your story so it appears in two or even three women’s magazines.

We get you the best price from the mags…

We send your story to all the magazines and ask editors to put in their best price. We sell your story to the highest bidder. This way we ensure we always gain the most money for your story.

We can sell your story again.

After your story has appeared in a magazine, we will sell your story for you again to another magazine. Your story might also be sold to a newspaper and to TV. This is why you will always gain the most money selling your story to magazines through NationalStory!

We sell to all the mags! How much cash is your story worth? Find out today – for a free no obligation quote fill in the form or contact us here!