Should I sell my story? What to consider…

There are numerous reasons why people decide to sell a story to the press. But what should you consider before going ahead?

Cash for your story
Selling a story is a good way to raise some cash.

Why you might sell your story
For some, selling their story is a way of earning extra cash. Others want to raise awareness for an issue or charity. Or they may seek publicity to advertise or promote their business. Some people might seek justice or even revenge. Meanwhile others might simply want a few beautiful cuttings.

Selling My Story

The main considerations are:

  • What friends and family will think. We advise you talk it over with family or friends. It is important to ensure you are clear you do want to go ahead with selling your story to a newspaper or magazine. But it is probably unrealistic to expect everyone to approve.
  • How your story will be portrayed. At National Story it is important we ensure your real life story is sold how you want it to be. And then it is always read back to you before it is printed in the press. This way you won’t be worried about what will be printed.
  • Which newspaper or magazine you sell a story to. Ensure you like the publication your story will be printed in. Bear in mind your story will be written in the style of that newspaper or magazine. We advise if you are not happy with the publication and we are unable to offer an alternative, that you don’t go ahead.
  • How much money you will earn or if you are selling a story for charity, will that charity be guaranteed to get a mention? At National Story we always give you a firm price for your story in writing and we can ensure your story is sold on condition a charity is plugged.
  • If the agent can sell your story to multiple publications and TV. Selling your story to a variety of magazines and newspapers is a good way to maximise your earnings and publicity. Some points to remember – if you sell a story directly to a publication, you might find they will sell it on without your consent. Be aware many agents also only sell stories to magazines or a handful of publications. But at National Story we deal with ‘whole of market’ so we can market your story in multiple deals to the national press, women’s magazines and TV.
  • Will your story be sold without your consent. At National Story we need your written permission to sell your story – and we need it again every time we sell your story. If you change your mind and decide you no longer want to sell your story after all, we respect that!

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Remember, selling your story via us means you are never alone as support is offered beforehand, during and after you have sold your story. To find out if your story is suitable for publication in a newspaper or magazine, contact us here: Sell Story to the Press